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Wolfe Center for the Arts Construction

These photographs show the demolition process of the Saddlemire Student Services Building from July through October 2007. Opened in 1968, the building originally housed the University Bookstore, student financial aid office, placement office, the international student center, Office of Student Personnel, Office of Student Publications, Student Government offices, guidance and counseling, offices for the Dean of Students and Associate Dean of Students.

The site is the location of the new Wolfe Center for the Arts, and pictures from the April 2009 groundbreaking celebration are included.

Names of Distinction

Scattered throughout campus are various plaques and memorials for past faculty and students. This gallery highlights some of them. Look through the images to find out how some of the buildings on campus got their names and add your own images of plaques tucked away in corners of the University to Centennial Memories.

Knowledge in Action

Service to a broader community has always been part of BGSU's long tradition. In President Cartwright's announcement that "Knowledge in Action" would be a focus of activities for the Centennial Celebration, she points out that since its inception as a teacher training school, BGSU has striven to provide "a learning environment in which students use civic and professional knowledge to contribute to a larger community and ultimately grow in personal and social responsibility."

Donald Drumm and Murals on Campus

The Jerome Library mural is an iconic landmark on campus, visible for miles. Donald Drumm, artist-in-residence, created the Jerome mural, as well as murals in the Saddlemire Student Services, Psychology, and Education Buildings. Well-known in Ohio, one of the artist's sculptures had a role in the Kent State shootings on May 4th, 1970 --see the archival material at Kent State Libraries. The 40th anniversary of Jerome Library was celebrated in 2007 -- read more information about the mural construction and the controversy surrounding it here.

University Concerts over the Years

A closer look at some of the concerts that have happened at BGSU. More photos will be adding over time.

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Library Memories

Welcome to the BGSU University Libraries' Memories site, created especially for current and former library staff and student employees!  Enjoy the stories and pictures in this exhibit, and we hope you will add your own by submitting them to Centennial Memories.

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Falcon Flames

Many alumni met their soul mate while attending BGSU or married someone who also had earned a degree from the University. A name was eventually derived for those couples who married where both individuals had BGSU degrees -- Falcon Flames.  As of December 2009, there were 10,565 BGSU Falcon Flame couples living throughout the world.  This translates to 21,130 students meeting their future spouse while on campus or after graduation. 

The group is formally recognized as an alumni society through the BGSU Alumni Association.

If you are a Falcon Flame, we welcome you to share your story and pictures for this special exhibit that is part of Centennial Memories. Upload your stories, photos, videos and audio clips on our special Falcon Flames page.

Songs of BGSU

Songs of BGSU is a brief history of the different songs that have shaped tradition and the lives of students and faculty through the years. We include the alma maters, as well as some newer traditions.

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Homes of the Presidents

The university has had four different residences for its presidents.  Look through the exhibit sections to learn more about the history of each structure and the people who lived there.


“Dr. Offenhauer Memorial Services at Chapel Today” BG News March 15, 1939

“President Hosts at New Mansion” BG News September 20, 2005

“Prexy Announces Permanent Home” BG News September 29, 1937

“Trustees Discuss Ribeaus House” BG News April 2, 2003

Presidential residences of Bowling Green State University” BGSU, Office of the President, 2005

Bowling Green City Directory, 1961

U.S. Presidential Visits

Pictorial exhibit about U.S. presidential visits to BGSU.